Muntu Reveals Why They Never Sent Representatives To Verify Ballot Papers Printing

By John Ogulei




The Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) Party presidential Candidate, Gregory Mugisha Muntu has spoken out on their decision not to send observers to witness both the Printing and Yesterdays’ delivery of the first consignment of Ballot papers that arrived in the county.


Speaking to journalists at Asegra Guest House in Soroti City on Thursday Morning 12th December 2020, Muntu said, it’s a waste of time to witness the processes involving election materials yet the whole electoral process isn’t fair.


According to Muntu, it’s possible they can verify the consignment that has arrived yet the other materials to be used for rigging election are brought later after they have verified the right ballot papers.


Muntu expressed his anger over the unfairness of the elections saying the current injustices metted unto the opposition with the silence of electoral commission shows that the 2021 polls are not going to be any different from the other polls that he claims have been marred by electoral malpractices.

He vowed never to recognize NRM’s Yoweri Kaguta Museveni if he is declared President in unleveled ground.


Muntu has also asked the people of Teso to vote leaders with right manifestos.


He said in the past 58 years after independence, the country has had many good manifestos and policies but has not had much effect in terms of transformation due to poor implementation.


The former army commander explained that what has been defeating all governments in the last 58 years since independence is the lack of discipline and self-control to ensure they work for the benefit of the country and its population.


He insisted that all governments have failed on this parameter, promising that this is the aspect in which his government would differ.


Emphasizing that the Alliance for National Transformation is the missing link for the country’s development, Muntu urged the public not to be misguided into voting for people who won’t be able to control themselves against looting public resources and repeating mistakes of past governments.

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