Police Severely Injures Eight In Iganga FDC’s Procession


By Solomon Hamala




Eight people have been severely injured when police fired bullets and tear gas to disperse Iganga FDC parliamentary seat’s aspirant, Abed Nasser Mudiobole’s supporters.

The injured being attended to in Iganga hospital

These were on procession, escorting their candidate back home after his campaign launch rally in Mutukula Ward, Iganga Municipality yesterday 10th December.


Police blocked and redirected the procession from the earlier agreed routes the candidate was to use home after his rally.


Police however fired bullets and tear gas shortly after, to disperse the procession of hundreds of supporters.


The canister explosions affected 8, leaving them with severe injuries.


“The police badly injured 8 people. Some of these were not even in the procession! Why hurt the innocent people,” Abed Nasser Mudiobole, Iganga Municipality parliamentary seat aspirant on the FDC ticket said.


Mudiobole also noted that this is a move by the police to weaken their supporters.

“All this is to threaten our supporters, to weaken them. But the people of Iganga and Uganda at large are in for change. That won’t stop them”, he said.


The Police spokesman Busoga East, James Mubi however said Mudiobole supporters were more than 200, with no masks and zero social distancing, in addition to causing commotion in town.

“We couldn’t allow people to spread and contract the virus. We also couldn’t allow them freeze people’s businesses in town,” he said.


The casualties were rushed to Iganga Main hospital for first aid.

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