WAR OF WORDS: Mudoma Faction Accuses Incumbent Umkhuka Of Stealing Office Furniture


By Julius Denis Wetondo





Bamasaba Cultural Institution is embroiled in a bitter power struggle with counter accusations being thrown around every day.


The latest is that a faction loyal to Mike Mudoma who was installed last month has today 14th December 2020 accused the outgoing Umkhuka, Sir Bob Mushikori of stealing office furniture that was donated to the institution last year.


Nelson Wedayila, the Speaker of Masaba Cultural Institution made the accusation while addressing the media in a press conference at Viola hotel in Mbale city.



Wedayila alleges that last year, the institution received a donation of seats and tables totaling to over 200.


However, according to Wedayila, since they stopped working with Mushikori in June this year, the furniture has disappeared.



“We wanted to get that furniture and use it at our new offices created at Mutoto cultural site for executing our work but it not there,” Wedayila said.


Wedayila also distanced himself from last Friday’s elections of a parallel Umkhuka that saw John Wagabyalire Amram elected to replace Bob Mushikori whose term of office has ended.



Mweanwhile, Mike Mudoma who was installed as new cultural leader by Wedayila’s faction last month says that they are planning to sue Mushikori and his cabinet for organizing illegal elections of another cultural leader.


He adds that those elections were illegal because delegates had elected, sworn in and installed him last month as the new cultural leader.


“I was shocked to see Mushikori and his cabinet organizing other elections with the aim of trying to create confusion and divisions among Bamasaba,” Mudoma told this reporter.


Mudoma also urged Mushikori and his cabinet to surrender and work together with him like Patrick Wamakuyu who lost in last Friday’s election race.


Geoffrey Wepondi, the general secretary of Masaba cultural institution has however dismissed claims that they acted outside the law in holding last Friday’s elections for a new Umkhukha.


“The police you saw at Masaba cultural institution during election time was guarding us after getting information that Wedayila faction was planning to attack us,” Wepondi said.


He added that he was not surprised that Patrick Wamakuyu  who lost in Friday’s elections joined Wedayila’s  faction.


Wepondi also says that all furniture the Mudoma faction is claiming they sold is there but that they are not willing to surrender.


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