SOROTI CITY BOUNDARY SAGA – RDC Castigates EC Returning Officer


By Stephen Enatu

(Additional reporting by Markson Omagor)



The Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Soroti has lashed out at the Soroti City Returning Officer for spear-heading the boundary confusion engulfing Soroti City.


John Stephen Ekoom told this website yesterday 15th December, 2020 that Charles Egimu is responsible for altering the boundaries between Soroti City East and West constituencies.


He said it was evidenced over the weekend when the Electoral commission boss, Justice Simon Byabakama and the Minister for Local Government met the district stakeholders over the matter.


The meeting was in response to a High Court pronouncement that reverted Aloet and Amen Town Councils to Soroti City West.


According to Ekoom, the office of the District Returning Officer Soroti city kept on alternating boundaries from what their original mapping was.


Meanwhile Egimu refuted the allegations saying the maps were brought from the electoral commission headquarters.


In Saturday’s meeting, it was further confirmed that Aloet, Amoru and Arapai Wards are Arapai Town Council Wards. And Arapai Town Council; is reverted to Soroti City West.


Amen ‘A’, Amen’B’ Opiyai Ward and Orwadai Wards belong to Amen Town Council which is also in Soroti City West. There is no Opiyai Parish.


The meeting which was held at Akello Hotel had Soroti West hopeful, David Calvin Echodu, Soroti City East MP hopeful, Herbert Edmund Ariko and Moses Attan Okia also for Soroti City East under FDC in attendance.

Aloet parish ceased to exist since Aloet was elevated to town council. Likewise Opiyai parish of Soroti Sub County ceased to exist the moment Amen became a Town Council. The existence of the two parishes in the statutory instrument of Soroti city formation is fake.

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