Samia Restore Kingship, New King Crowned In Peaceful Ceremony


By Nakanwagi Olivier Mukaaya




Samia have joined the rest of Ugandans in restoring Cultural Institutions.


In a colorful ceremony held yesterday, 16th December 2020 at Park Gardens in Busia district, His Royal Highness Phillip Wanyama Hasibante Nahaama, became the first King of Bugwe Kingdom.


Speaking during the coronation function, His Royal Highness said joining hands as a kingdom is the only way they will develop.


“Before, the Bugwe people were not one but ever since the kingdom was restored, it has created unity amongst the people,” he said.


He added, “the kingdom is ready to work with anyone from anywhere who will bring development to the kingdom since it’s a young kingdom which needs a lot of support.’


He appreciated the President of Uganda for restoring back their kingdom which has created unity amongst people.


Issabruuli Isabarongo Mwartansozi Butamanya, the King of Buruuli who was among invited guests said, Ugandans should guard against the western culture.


“Government should be vigilant against western countries which want to use the local cultural leaders to promote bad acts such as homosexuality which is against our cultural norms, therefore we should be careful on who we associate with,” he said.



Issabaruuli also remained all cultural leaders that they are supposed to be used to bring peace amongst their subjects but not distraction.


“We are in these positions to bring peace to our people but not destructions so we all need to be wise while leading our subjects”




Egessa Arafati Barasa, the Deputy Prime Minister of Bugwe kingdom said that the decision by the government to restore the Obwen, engo Bwa  Bugwe came at the right time when the unity of the people is paramount.


Adding that obweb engo bwa bugwe is still a young cultural institution that needs a lot of support to grow and develop.


“Our kingdom’s growth depends on the contributions from not only the local community in the kingdom but also contributions from other well-wishers. So we need to support our kingdom if we want it to grow and develop,” he said.


Macho Geofrey, the MP Busia Municipality congratulated the kingdom of Bugwe for successfully coronating the Obwen, engo Bwa  Bugwe .


He also urged the business community to start paying (obusulo) like other cultural institutions to support and develop the activities of the kingdom.


Geoffrey Wadela, the LCV Busia promised to work and support the kingdom in any way.


Chris Michael Okiria the Resident District Commissioner, Busia district who was a guest of honor emphasized the need for community support towards Omwe Engo  wa bugwe kingdom.


“To develop this kingdom it has to start with you, the Bugwe community while you lobby for support from outside the kingdom,” he said.

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