Minister Tells Iteso to Celebrate Christmas with Humility


By John Ogulei




The State Minister for Fisheries who also doubles as the Serere District Woman MP has called on the people of Teso to celebrate this Christmas with humility saying the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the normal way of celebrating Christmas.


Speaking to out reporter at her residence in Soroti town, Minister Adoa said, the effect of COVID-19 must be taken as a serious factor and that people of Teso must become humble to God during this season.


Adoa who spoke at length on the effects of COVID-19 on the country’s economy revealed that, the 2020 Christmas holiday is a trying moment for the country and that people must take their worries to God.


“People of Teso this one is the worst Christmas ever, I don’t know even how to explain it because this is the lockdown Christmas where u don’t enjoy with your relatives who have  been in Kampala. Also this Christmas you don’t enjoy with loud music”.


Adoa added that people must know that they don’t have power over the world but must rather continue asking for God’s mercy.


“Let’s be more humble. This Christmas teaches us that without God we are nothing. I ask people to read the Gospel of John 15:1,” said Adoa.


The Minister also called upon the people of Teso mostly the youth not to engage in dubious and unproductive acts that may ruin their lives.

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