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How Catholic Priest Raped Me Twice At Tender Age Of 10 – Victim



By Markosn Omagor




A 31 year old woman is still hurting from a double rape she was subjected into by a so called Man of God 20 years ago.


Speaking to this writer, Roba (not real names of course) this morning 22nd December 2020 had a difficult time narrating the ordeals that she says changed her view of life forever.


It started by an accidental revelation in a friendly chit chat. However, when she in an off cuff comment mentioned that she was a victim of rape at a tender age of 10 by a man she saw as holy and a family friend, I pushed her hard to reveal more.


“Markson, I can’t do that because who will believe that Catholic Priests actually rape, impregnate and abuse girls in many ways?” She told me.


I told Roba that there are many girls going through the same sexual abuse that she suffered and many more potential victims as unsuspecting believers continue entrusting their girl children to these monstrous so called Men of God.


When I told her there was need to protect potential victims, she caved in and gave this heartrending narrative:


It was in 2000, I was studying in a Primary Boarding School around Soroti and I had an uncle who was a Father. And since my parents were far, I mostly spent my holidays with Uncle at the Parish somewhere in Soroti.


On this particular day, my uncle as usual had gone out of the Parish for Church work. I was in P.5 at the time. That day I was not feeling well, so I generally stayed in my room after breakfast.


At about 11:00AM, this Priest knocks on my bedroom door which was adjacent to my Uncles and enters. So after entering he came straight to my bed and sat beside me.


“Honestly, I didn’t know what was to follow. I had always called all the Priests in the Parish Uncle, Uncle,” Roba gave the narrative before breaking down into a heartrending sob.


“Then he started touching my breasts, can you imagine at the time, I didn’t even have breasts; they were just tiny things. I asked him Uncle what are you doing as I was pushing his hands away,” she continued with the narrative.


The Priest continued touching my breasts. I asked him again what he was doing trying to move away from him.


“I want to make you happy,” is what he said before covering my mouth with one hand to stop me from screaming and using the other hand to tear my knickers.


I tried to scream, but my screams could not come out. He had completely covered my mouth. With one hand covering my mouth, this monster was able to unzip and with his trousers on, he entered me. Because of too much pain, I kind of fainted.


Now it was my turn to shed tears and for some 2 minutes I went silent.


“Markson are you there?” She asked me.

“Yes, I replied,” almost inaudibly.


After raping me, he got up and threatened me never to tell anyone what had happened. But all these I was hearing like from a distance because I was dizzy, he then walked out the door and left.


“Markson, by the time I regained my senses completely, I realized the bed was full of blood and I was in great pain,” Roba said and again broke into prolonged sobs this time.


“You know Markson, what hurts me most is that I have not got justice till now. Everyone told me not to talk, am the one who got the physical and psychological torture,” she said amidst sobs.


So scared, I stayed in my room all day covering myself in blood soaked bed sheets and a blood stained mattress.


“Immediately my Uncle came back and was coming to my room to check on me since he left me feeling unwell, the same Priest made sure he came along with him,” she narrates the story.


Of course in that situation I feared to talk, I only told my Uncle I was not feeling well.


However, that evening the Maid came to check on me and asking whether I needed to eat. Of course I declined to eat. That night I did not even bathe, I slept just like that in a pool of blood and excruciating pain.


The following morning, the same Maid came again to check on me. This time she noticed I was very weak so she uncovered me only to see a lot of blood on my mattress.


“Roba! Have you started menstruating?” She asked in shock.


This Maid was my best friend at the Parish so I opened up to her and told the truth. I then asked her to call my Mum who drove in immediately.


“The time my Mum arrived, Uncle had also finished leading Mass and was back, so I narrated my ordeal to both of them. Mum just decided to take me Soroti Regional Referral Hospital where tests were done and rape confirmed,” she said.


My parents then decided Soroti was not good for me and took me to Masaba Wing in Mbale hospital where I stayed for one month because my privates were badly shredded.


You would imagine just as I did that Roba’s nightmare ended there but no it didn’t.


In her P.7 vacation, the same monster walks into their home, now claiming to a Catholic Charismatic leader who had reformed.


“Can you imagine my parents still welcomed that idiot to our home in my presence! I screamed and ran out of the sitting room. He was later to convince my parents that I was demon possessed and that is why I feared the Godly robes, and my parents believed!!!”


So according to Roba, the Priest kept coming back, and she kept running away. Eventually her parents believed the Priest and forced her to be taken by the rapist for ‘special prayers’.


“Markson I cried and cried, I told my parents I was not sick, I told them I was not spirit possessed….. But they did not believe me. I was forced into the Parish again to live with the same monster,” Roba broke into another cry, this time blaming her parents for being so naïve.


“Then he came to pray for me the same day I was taken to the Parish. I told him I was not possessed but he insisted that I had spirits disturbing me,” Roba continues with her second rape episode.


The following day, the now Charismatic Priest in one of the Parishes in Soroti convinced my parents that indeed I was possessed by spirits.


“I was there with three other girls on the same stance that they were evil possessed, and all those girls were also sexually abused by the same Priest,” Roba reveals.


Then one night he came to my room, forced himself inside and pushed me hard against the wall. This time I had prepared to fight.


“After pushing me to the wall, he threw me down on the floor and raped me again,” at this point I felt I couldn’t continue with the interview.


“Roba stop, please stop there,” I pleaded with her but she pressed on saying it was me who urged her to letup.


“After the rape, I ran out of the room, picked my clothes and ran home. Markson can you imagine, the shameless Priest followed me home and told my parents that what I was saying was not true. That it were demons in me making me say such things.”


This time my father reacted and called in doctors to examine me and indeed they confirmed I had just been raped.


But because they are staunch Catholics, they let the man go. However, it was the last time my father ever allowed me to go near the Parish again.


“I have grown up traumatized to the extent I even started fearing my own brothers, I even feared my own father!” Roba concluded.


Moral of the story: Parents be careful of the so called Men of God that you entrust your daughters with.

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