I WANT TO LEAVE A LEGACY – Budadiri East MP On Why He Wants Another Term

By Markson Omagor




The Budadiri East Member of Parliament, Hon. Vincent Woboya has revealed to website that he joined politics to create change among his people.

Mettalic ladders at Sigwa Hill, Butandiga constructed by the help of Hon. Vincent Woboya

Speaking to this reporter this morning 22nd December 2020, Woboya said he is contesting to retain the seat he won in 2016 because he wants to accomplish his programs and retire from politics after leaving behind a legacy.


Woboya who looked composed told this website that his campaign is moving on smoothly largely because he worked very hard to win the NRM Flag.


“You see NRM Primaries in Budadiri East which is largely NRM was very competitive. I together with my team were able to win the flag by beating 4 other contenders that included Julius Nakiyi, Richard Maserege, Geoffrey Sasaga and John Kiwungulo. I actually beat my closest challenger, Nakiyi by 6000 votes, so I have the mandate,” Woboya said.


Woboya now labels as malicious propaganda attempts by his opponents to convince the voters that he rigged the NRM Primaries.


“We participated in a competitive, open and fair election where there was open lining up behind candidates, how could I have rigged? I therefore urge my voters to disregard such rumors with the contempt they deserve,” Woboya said.


When asked about his chances of winning the upcoming elections, Woboya was upbeat.


“Am going to win because my opponents have no basis for contesting, they lost to me in the primaries and the people who voted for me are still there and they will vote for me again,” he said.


On the FDC candidate, Isaiah Sasaga, Woboya said the FDC man is an old opponent whom he knows how to beat.


“I beat Sassaga in 2016, and I really pity his ways of doing politics because they are unethical and belong to the past century.”


Woboya revealed that whereas the court of Appeal slapped court costs on Sassaga after losing an election’s appeal of Shs69.9M, Sassaga now moves around the constituency and on radios claiming the court of Appeal costs was Shs600M.


“Sasaga does not stop there. He claims he has finished paying me the Shs600M, which is utter rubbish and childish. Just recently the court of Appeal Registrar summoned him over failure to pay the 69.9 million shillings which money he has not paid till now,” Woboya said.


A bemused Woboya then revealed that Sasaga should stand warned because he will be arrested soon for failing to pay the court costs awarded by the Court of Appeal.


Secondly Woboya accuses Sasaga together with his former lawyer who later turned hostile, Isaac Nabende of forging a Court Consent claiming he had accepted the Mbale High Court costs to be reduced to 12M and to be paid in three installments.


“To the best of my knowledge, the High Court costs we had presented was 109 Million. Those cost estimates were presented by the same Nabende. Now Nabende purported to represent me. I will take him to the Law Council for disciplinary measures,” Woboya fumed saying he has never been sat with anyone to agree on the Mbale High Court costs.


(Nabende is the FDC Flag bearer for Industrial City MP).



This reporter asked Woboya what he has done for his constituents in his first 5 years in Parliament:


First I have been very active at legislation even if it was my first term. If you read the Parliamentary score card of 2019, you should have seen that in Bugisu sub region I came third after Nandala and Nambeshe.


Woboya also said he actively participated in the formulation and passing of the Coffee Bill.


On the local scene, Woboya boasts of a number of projects that are his brainchildren: Among these are the Accessibility foot bridges in Butandiga, Bunagani and single handedly sponsored the acquisition of Bugitimwa – Gasawa foot ladders.


Woboya also revealed how he lobbied for the construction of the Nalugugu- Namagumba road that is going to be funded by African Development Bank and construction of Health Centers 111 in different Sub Counties.


Woboya is also very proud that because of his efforts the construction of Bumasifa Bridge will soon start.


“In fact some materials have already been delivered to the site and construction will soon begin. So my people should stay calm because the bridge will soon be worked on,” he said.


“The recent creation of the 3 Town Councils of Mutufu, Gombe and Butandiga are a result of my strong lobbying skills.” Woboya boasted.


The first time MP also said he has supported youths to get scholarships to further their studies in Universities and other tertiary institutions, something he wants to continue doing.


On Why he should be given a Kisanja, this is what Woboya said:


“I have a lot of unfinished Agenda, which I must finish before I retire. You know I joined politics to leave a legacy in Budadiri East and this legacy can only be accomplished when I finish my programs.”


Woboya said he wants to make sure all inaccessible villages get foot bridges before he leaves politics, he also wants to have electricity connected to the entire Budadiri East.


He also looks at improvement in Education and Health as critical areas he has to focus on.


But most importantly to Woboya is a tomato processing factory that will add value on the tomatoes grown in the constituency.


“Apart from adding value to the tomatoes, the factory will reduce on wastage of the tomatoes especially during harvest time.




“I wish all my constituents a Merry X-mas and a happy New Year 2021. I however appeal to all of you to celebrate cautiously, keep social distance and avoid scenarios that can lead all of us to danger.”

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