FDC’s Amuriat Uses Teso Campaign Trail To Bash NRM’s Mukula


By John Ogulei




The Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party President and Presidential flag bearer has lambasted the National Resistance Movement (NRM) vice chairperson for Eastern Uganda, Mike Mukula as a political liar and coward.


Patrick Amuriat Oboi while addressing his supporters in the Districts of Bukedea, Kumi and Soroti on Tuesday Afternoon said, Mukula while addressing several rallies in Teso Sub Region lied that he (Amuriat) has promised to give back guns to the Karamojong.


According to Amuriat, he wonders how a politician like Mukula can start telling lies in order to get favor from the unsuspecting voters.



“Mukula has been moving across this region telling people that am going to give back guns to Karamojong, what kind of lie is this? Dear people of Teso treat Mukula as a liar,” said Amuriat.

He also accused Mukula for repeatedly calling him a project manager of Former FDC Presidential Candidate, Dr. kizza Besigye.


“Mukula claimed that if I became the Presidential Candidate he was going to undress but to date, Mukula hasn’t undressed! Don’t you think Mukula is lying? So my dear voters stop listening to Mukula, his work is to lie all the time in order to get favors from President Museveni,” Amuriat added.


Amuriat further accused Mukula for being a traitor, an opportunist and conman saying that Mukula while in Luzira Prison where he had been jailed for allegedly stealing GAVI funds promised that he was going to contest for President but instead he was only looking for avenues of securing his release.


“Am going to become President and I will I appoint most prominent and clean Iteso to big offices but Mukula won’t test the fruits of my Government. Mukula is unclean, he has a bad record and bringing him to work with me, will make people label me also as bad and corrupt,” Amuriat repeatedly told voters.


Meanwhile Amuriat has also accused President Museveni for using foreigners to attack and paper spray him saying its time Ugandans embraced change to uproot President Museveni’s 34 years as President.

“President Museveni must know his time has come to an end, change is coming and he must accept that change. Mistreating opposition candidates won’t help him and I want to condemn these tendencies with the strongest terms possible,” Amuriat revealed.


On the other hand, the FDC secretary General, Nathan Mandala Mafabi also accused Mukula for printing opposition party cards and T-shirts in order to stage manage defectors.


Mafabi also accused Mukula for failing to pay over 5 billion tax debt to Government.


He has challenged Mukula to provide them with the Opposition cards and defectors if his supporters are genuine.


Recently, Mukula during his rallies in Teso said that opposition is too weak to unseat President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.


While in Ajuket, Kanyumu Sub County in Kumi where he received over 700 opposition defectors from both FDC and NUP, Mukula rallied the people of Teso to vote for NRM candidates instead of Amuriat whom he accused of being Dr. Kizza Besigye’s project manager a statement Amuriat has said belittles him.

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