SOROTI CITY ELECTIONS 2021: NRM, Independent Candidates’ Fights Deepen


By John Ogulei




With just 9 days to January 14th 2021, the rift between the Soroti City ruling National Resistance Party leadership and its Independent candidates is only worsening.


This websites has established that recently the NRM Party’s district boss, Charles Elasu denied one of its party flag bearer’s facilitation.


It is said that Elasu who denied Bob Owiny funds for campaigns amounting to over one million accuses him of working closely with independent candidate Jorem Opian who is also vying for Soroti District LCV seat.


Opian is contesting against the party’s flag bearer, Simon Peter Edoru, a decision that angered most NRM supporters in the district.

Our reporter has also established through reliable sources that the party leadership in Soroti has issued tough warning to all its supporters across that district to stop canvassing support for the independent candidates branding them as rebels.


Whereas the word ‘rebel’ seems not to be new in the countries longest serving and ruling political party, Independent candidate for Soroti City, Rachael Frances Adyango has castigated the party leadership based in Soroti for intimidating her supporters.


She wonders why the Party leadership is telling the voters that whoever is found moving with her will be removed from the Party.


It must be understood that, after Adyango was defeated in the NRM primaries she opted to run as an independent, a decision the Party isn’t happy with and this forced the party leadership to suspend her from being a chairperson of the District Party’s Women’s League.


“Why would the party leadership go ahead to intimidate voters that whoever is got moving with me or any independent candidate will be removed from the party? I think this is not good, people shouldn’t behave like uneducated,” said Adyango.


She has called on the party leaders to allow the voters to choose leaders of their choice.


“Article of the constitution says power belongs to the people, so allow the people to choose the leaders they want,” added Adyango.


But the Soroti chairperson Charles Elasu when contacted for a comment couldn’t comment but told our reporter to take what he has got as the gospel truth.


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