Ambassador Ocheger Speaks Out On Forthcoming Elections

By John Ogulei




The Ugandan Ambassador to Nigeria has called on the people of Teso to elect leaders with integrity in order to develop the region.


Speaking to our reporter in Soroti City, Ambassador Nelson Ocheger said people of Teso must not elect leaders because of their financial capabilities but rather those who can lead the region with impartiality.


He says electing leaders because of their wealth can disturb the region’s development because most of these elected leaders who get into power using wealth usually forget the vulnerable Iteso.


He also calls on the People of Teso not to vote for leaders whose actions and credibility are questionable in public eye.

Meanwhile Ambassador Ocheger also called on the People of Teso to vote for NRM’s Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who is seeking for a re-election as President to extend his rule to 40 years while in Power.


Ocheger says President Museveni is an experienced leader that Uganda and Teso Sub Region must not lose.


Ocheger argued that Museveni’s next five years rule will focus on improving the livelihoods of Iteso and Poverty eradication through several projects including Emyooga, Youth livelihood, Ugandan Women Empowerment Programs among others.


He also told the people of Teso not to Vote for leaders because of tribe, religion and colour but rather on their potential to serve them.




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