Man Arrested At MP Aspirants Home With Human Penis Skins, Survives Lynching


By Wetondo Denis Julius




A 56 year old man has narrowly survived being lynched after he was discovered with old knickers, head of dead snake, tail of a cat, hair, skins of animals and penis skins at an MP candidate’s home.


Anthony Matayo Mutayi a resident of Bunandutu village, Bufumbo Sub County in Bududa district was discovered yesterday 6th January 2021 at the home of Moses Mukhobe, the Manjiya County MP aspirant on NRM ticket.


The angry residents pounced on Mutayi after suspecting him to be a witch at the aspirant’s home located in Bwilimbe village Bwilimbe parish Bukibokolo Sub County in Bududa district.


According to David Wandi, an eye witness, after sighting Mutayi at the home Mukhobe’s home, he made an alarm which attracted people who responded with stones, bricks, sticks with the aim of killing Mutayi.


He adds that the suspect was later saved by Simon Mubokye, the area LCI chairperson of Bwilimbe village.


Moses Mukhobe, the MP aspirant asked police to do real investigations and come out with conclusive reasons about the intention of Mutayi.


Simon Mobokyi, the LCI chairperson of Bwilimbe village has revealed that Mutayi is currently detained at Bukibokolo police post with the exhibits.


He adds that this is the sixth related witch craft case since last month but urged his residents to believe in God and stop such things.


One of the police officers attached to Bukibokolo police post who preferred anonymity revealed to eastnews.co.ug that they are transferring the suspected with his file to Bududa CPS for security reasons because people are threatening to storm the police post and lynch the suspect.






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