AYABAAS! Minister Adoa Undresses Mukula- ‘I Know Your Underhand Methods’

By Markson Omagor



Capt. Mike Mukula

The Minister of State for Fisheries, Hon. Hellen Adoa Abeku has lashed out at NRM’s Regional Vice Chairman Eastern, Capt. Mike Mukula saying she is aware of his underhand methods.


The outburst follows a story this website ran yesterday titled; “EXPOSED! Mukula Holds Talks with Independent Candidate to Fail NRM’s Minister Adoa.”


In the story, our Soroti City reporter indicated that Mukula was supporting an Independent, Suzan Irene Akiror against the party’s choice, Hellen Adoa Abeku for Serere District Woman Member of Parliament. Adoa went unopposed during the NRM Party primaries.


Feeling hit by the exposure, Mike Mukula responded in a Teso Platform denying ever financing the said Akiror although he admitted meeting her at his Soroti City residence yesterday 7th January 2021.


Below is Mike Mukula’s unedited response to this website’s story; and it is this statement that attracted the ire of Adoa also reproduced here under.





I want respond to the nefarious and unfounded statements and allegations that have been authored by a prophet of darkness to effect that I have sinister motives and posturing against my SISTER HON ADOA MP (woman)Serere .

This were the same machinations authored with the intent to cause a rift against me and comrade HON Otekat a few months back which was cleared by effective evidence against fictitious forces.

This morning 7-1-2021 my compound my full of people who wanted to see and in this COVID19 debacle I meet people in the open nobody is allowed to enter my house even if you have a current COVID19 certificate NO .

One of the guests was a lady who has been working in state house AKIROR IRENE and I have never associated with her closely but she is related I think to a Catholic sister now working in state House and in the midst of everyone including Brother Ocole .RDC osoto ,madam CHEBET etc the lady requested for financial support and I told her clearly that I didn’t have money to support her and I was rushing to BULAMBULI in BUGISU for a meeting to receive NUP converts , she was accompanied a personal assistant.

It’s obviously unfortunate that some people have chosen to consume engineered falsehood .

This is a figment of someone fertile imagination meant to mar my image and should be definitely ignored .

My sister HON ADOA Is a flag bearer of NRM and will definitely win her seat in serere district comfortably because she has worked hard for the people and the party.

I will hasten to add that in politics consult as much as possible and always double check your information and sources be reacting or responding especially at this crucial time ahead of elections due .

I will definitely be calling my sister to allay her fears .

I will always strive to build my party at same time maintaining internal cohesion and avoiding internal contradictions.

I wish you all a happy NEW YEAR .


Presumably after reading this message, Adoa responded by telling off Mukula in a ‘take no prisoners’ tirade that has left the NRM community in Teso dumbfounded.


Like, I reproduced Mike Mukula’s statement, so will i do the same with Minister Adoa’s response to Mukula’s statement. It is unedited and is to be treated as a verbatim reproduction.



Papa Mukula u may lie this forum members but not me or God. Yesterday Akiror was in ur hse n u told her to come for money today n u know u gave her 7m today,5m last month & soap,.

For ur information don’t be deceived that woman is working with State hse. As for her sister who has been aiding defilement in Serere she has a case to answer yet she is a Catholic Nun. Ive sacrificed a lot for Serere n no body shd play with it.

After ur place the lady went n told 13 pipo she met in Kyere Subcounty hqtrs today how ur going to come to Serere before Election n use a group called Bulldozers unfortunately I deployed that group to get ur discussions all these time so it’s late bse even the recording where she talked of u bringing Nrm secretariat members to disguise  is with me.

Pls let’s learn to respect others or else Ugandans may watch us in every ugly way.Am very gd at intelligence i know what am talking about n I did the recording n pictures myself not anyone,Ogulei picked from the forums I posted those pictures bse I’ve followed ur discussions for long n today I wanted to show u evidence.

I will release some recordings, discussions n videos after the election.God bls u Mike.


NB: This website is following the story keenly and will be updating you as events unfold (Editor)






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