Ngora Town Council Chokes With Garbage As Leaders Concentrate On Campaigns


By Justine Oteu Ekinyomit Iteso




Ngora Town Council has spent over one month without garbage being removed, something that has left the town smelly, dirty and messy.


Most corridors and streets in ngora town are full of rubbish and dirt making the town untidy and smelly.


Sam Otim, the LC3 Chairperson Ngora Town Council and also candidate for the same position admitted that it’s true there’s some rubbish and dirt accumulated in some dust bins and corridors.


Otim however, attributed the messy situation to limited source of local revenue saying once the money is realized, the garbage shall be removed.


“We are going to remove it immediately we realize local revenue, we always remove it weekly but this time, the council has not realized money in time,” Otim said.


He encouraged all the residents be calm as they look forward to removing the accumulated garbage.


Among the places flooded with rubbish include, corridor next to Martino hardware shop along Transformer Road to main market Street, corridor behind Ngora Fresh Diary as you slope down To Ngora Central Police Station CPS, corridor opposite Ngora Town Daily Market next to Isula hardware shop, a place known as Wandegeya of Ngora.


Augustine, a chapati maker at Jobless Market Street near Main Market gate said Ngora Streets need to be tarmacked to remove dust that clouds the town during dry season.

“Use our votes very well and provide tarmac to all the streets, if not we shall again meet after 5yrs, unless you provide developmental projects and programs,” Augustine warned politicians.


Ngora town council is part of Ngora County where candidates such as Achayo Juliet Lodou (NRM), Abala David Incumbent MP (Ind), Dr. Francis Epetait (FDC) former MP Ngora, Isaac Olupot (Ind), Patrick Ongodia (Ind), and Silver Ariku (NUP) are tussling it out.


Ngora is also a stronghold for Engineer Patrick Oboi Amuriat POA, the FDC presidential flag bearer.


Jobless market was created after Otim Sam put solar security lights along the market Street. Business here booms from 6:00pm to 11:00pm before curfew now ends at 9:00pm selling majorly food items.

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