Adoa to Mukula: Stop Playing With Me, Am not Muyindi

By John Ogulei




Furious State Minister for Fisheries Hellen Adoa Abeku who is the incumbent Serere District Woman Member of Parliament is not yet done with Mike Mukula.


Yesterday, we ran a story where Adoa claims to have evidence of Mukula’s machinations to fail her re-election.


Speaking to this reporter, Adoa again lambasted the Eastern vice National Chairperson for the Ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party saying he must stop interfering with the elections of Serere.


Adoa still seething with anger has told Mukula off saying she is not ‘Aluga’. ‘Aluga’ means a female Muyindi.


(Mukula infamously kept referring to his opponent for the Regional Vice Chairperson Easter, Sanjay Tanna as Muyindi who should not be allowed to participate in the internal politics of Uganda)- ED.


This comes barely a week after this website exposed how Mukula held secret talks on Thursday morning with the Serere District independent Woman MP Aspirant, Akiror Irene Suzan at his Soroti residence in Senior Quarters where it’s alleged that he gave a sum of Seven Million in order to counter Minister Adoa.


According to Minister Adoa, Mukula must refrain from Politics of Serere saying she has secured both video and audio recordings of the planned plot to oust her by Mukula and his admirers.


“It’s only an illusion unless if am arrested and put in. Those external forces will not like Serere’s environment this time. If they think am the same Adoa of 2011, they are dreaming. Let him not think am Aluga. I have sacrificed a lot for Serere and nobody should play with it,” said a furious Adoa.


Adoa also revealed that she has organized a team of her voters to counter Mukula and his team in Serere.


Minister Adoa isn’t the first NRM leader to warn Mukula against meddling with internal elections.


The first to send a warning salvo was the Serere District LCV boss Joseph Opit Okojo who during the burial of Elijah Okupa’s mother where Mukula was the guest of honor said he wouldn’t hesitate to deal with any NRM leader who openly supported Okupa.


Recently, Former Education Minister Jessica Alupo Epel also told Mukula to stop meddling in the internal politics of Katakwi.

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