Bobi Wine Loses 520 Butaleja Supporters To NRM


By Solomon Hamala



NRM Regional Vice Chairman, Eastern, Capt. Mike Mukula accused Bobi Wine of being by foreign forces



A total of 520 supporters of the National Unity Platform (NUP) in Butaleja district have crossed over to the ruling NRM party.


The defectors majority of whom youths were received to the ruling NRM Party by the vice chairperson NRM eastern region, captain Mike Mukula at Busaba Sub County headquarters yesterday, 7th January, 2021.


The defectors denied being coerced to cross over to the ruling NRM party but insisted it was their own personal decision after discovering that NUP lacked a clear manifesto to lead the country.


Samson Hirya, who spoke on behalf of the defectors, said most of the youths are being used by opposition politicians to take part in violence and later dumped in case they are arrested or injured.

“We have realized that the ruling NRM is the only party with a clear vision to lead this country even for the next fifty years,” he said.


Hirya said the defectors will move door to door canvassing support for the ruling NRM Party President and party flag bearers during the next few days as long there is assurance of their safety.


“Most of our colleagues who know we have crossed are likely to cause harm to us in the process of moving door to door,” he said.


He hailed President Yoweri Museveni as being a great leader who has managed to usher in peace and economic transformation during the 34 years he has been in power.


“Some of my fellow youths could be ignorant about the history of this country but should try seek information from elders so that they take informed decisions,” he said.


The NRM vice chairperson eastern region, Captain Mike Mukula hailed the ruling NRM government for ushering in democracy that allows Ugandans to freely exercise their rights to support any political candidate of their own choice without being intimidated.


“During the previous regimes, no one could openly support and criticize a sitting president without being arrested and killed,” he said.


Mukula urged Ugandans to utilize the prevailing peace ushered in the ruling NRM government to set up income generating activities improve on their house hold incomes instead of wasting time criticizing.


He attacked National Unity Platform Presidential Candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi of being used by Western governments to usher instability in the country for their own selfish interests.



“After discovering that the country has started drilling oil, these whites want to come and take it away during the chaos,” he said, amidst cheers from the crowd.


Mukula assured the people of Butaleja of government’s commitment to upgrade the Namutumba – Butaleja road to tarmac during the 2021- 22 financial year as a fulfillment of president Museveni campaign pledge to enable farmers transport their produce easily to the nearest markets.


He urged the defectors to form an association so that they can access funding from government to enable them set up income generating activities to improve on their house hold incomes.


Mukula who arrived by helicopter to the venue urged Ugandans to elect president Yoweri Museveni during the polls on January and flag bearers because they will be able to directly present their grievances affecting their constituents to the relevant authorities.


The Woman Member of Parliament Butaleja, Milly Mugyenyi urged politicians to always admit defeat in NRM primaries, step down in favor of flag bearers to ensure the NRM party registers overwhelming victory in parliamentary and local council polls.


Mugyenyi who stepped aside after losing in the September NRM primaries to Florence Nebanda shocked the crowd when she knelt down canvassing support for the party flag bearer, Nebanda.


The Director for Communication NRM Secretariat, Emmanuel Dombo urged losers in party primaries to emulate Mugyenyi by always stepping aside in favor of the winners.


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