Kumi Residents Furious With NRM Leaders


By Stephen Enatu





The residents in Kumi Municipality have expressed their dissatisfaction with a section of National Resistance Movement party leaders whom they accuse of benefiting on behalf of the intended beneficiaries.


The revelations were made recently when the former Teso Affairs Minister, Hon Amongin Aporu and the NRM vice Chairperson Eastern Region, Captain Mike Mukula met a section of voters in Kumi.


The residents later described the meeting as an attempt to push them into the NRM party.


Charles Ongota, a resident of Kanyum ward B in Kumi Municipality says as an FDC supporter, he does not see any wrong in NRM party except that the leaders whom they vote under NRM ticket to represent them at grass root level are the ones who betray the ruling party.


Rahjab Oruka, another resident of Kumi stressed that as National Resistance Movement supporter he strongly believes President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni sends support to them but their leaders are the ones who end up misusing it for their personal gains.


He accused the former Teso affairs Minister Amongin of having been a disgrace to them as people of Kumi during her tenure.

“Government sends money to support its people, I know President Museveni hears people but our very own leaders who are supposed to channel it down end up benefiting on our behalf,” he said.


The residents warned that such leaders need to be changed because they are tarnishing the image of NRM party and its ideology.

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