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Ugandan and South African-based socialite, Zari Hassan has broken silence on her elder son Raphael Ssemwanga’s gay confession.


This follows Raphael’s live Instagram video shared on Wednesday as he revealed that he is sexually more attracted to guys than ladies, a statement that has left the public shocked.


However, his mother has today broken her silence on Instagram to clearly elaborate her son’s revelations regarding his sexual preferences.


Zari says her son was prompted to utter such because of the uncomfortability set by different women all pressurizing him to satisfy their sexual desires by in-boxing him with their nude photos.


She also says, these women are more aged than her and majority are her personal friends.


“Women are often sending Raphael DMs, nude videos and pics, they are fond of asking for money. They are older than me (Zari) and most of them are my (Zari) friends. So, he keeps telling them that he is gay so that they can get off his case,” Zari Hassan said.


The mother of four states that she would support her son if he in reality confesses to her that he is gay because he is human whose rights deserve to be embraced.


“Like I was saying, if Raphael turns out to be gay, I am going to support him because that’s the life he has chosen. Whether you guys like it or not, that it’s gonna be because a lot of people want their rights accepted in the society because they are different,” Zari adds.



The CEO Brooklyn Schools further says such issues are a major cause of suicide cases currently in the community once they are not critically handled and she can’t risk seeing her son at such a point.


“We have seen so many teenagers and people committing suicide because of these things but from my perspective, as a parent if my child turns-out to be gay am gonna go with that. Am gonna accept him, am gonna embrace him, am gonna take him as he is because most times we cannot change this.”


However majority of the public on social media are still not contented with Zari’s claims.


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