Baby Gel Study To Benefit 6000 Pregnant Mothers

By Nakanwagi Olivier Mukaaya




Over 6000 pregnant mothers in Budaka and Mbale districts are to benefit from the Baby Gel study which will help prevent new born babies from getting infections.


The baby gel study which was kicked off yesterday 11th January in Budaka District by the Sanyu African Research Institute was launched to help pregnant mothers prevent infections from catching their newborn babies.



Dr. Martin Chebet, the Principal Investigator Baby Gel trial and a pediatrician said that the baby gel will help in the reduction of infections in the newborn babies



“Many babies die of infections because most mothers don’t know how to prevent viruses from getting onto their babies,” he said.


He also says that mothers need to clean their hands with the baby gel before holding their babies to prevent them from contracting viruses which cause infections.


“It’s very important for mothers to hold their babies with clean hands to prevent them from getting infections and we believe that with this baby gel, babies will be safe,” he said.


Dr. Mutaki Winfred, the DHO Budaka noted that Uganda as a country is losing 27% of new born babies due to infections. She added that in Budaka District, there are a lot of babies dying due to infections.



“We believe the baby gel will be beneficial to the district and the mothers in the community in the reduction of babies dying of infections,” she said.


Mutaki however said that as a district, they have inadequate Mama Kits in the health centers which has affected many mothers who come to the facilities for delivery.


She added that in a month they receive over 200 mothers who come to deliver at the facilities but the health centers only receive 100 Mama Kits.



Dr. James Ditai, the Executive Director Sanyu Africa Research Institute said they decided to come up with the baby gel to help mothers who may have no time to wash their hands because they are involved in a lot of activities.


He revealed that the study will kick off in 72 villages; 48 in Mbale and 24 in Budaka district with 12 mothers receiving the baby gel and the 12 to receive training on basic care.


“We will empower 200 mothers through a training of basic care and also provide them with Mama kits, bags to keep things and also a mask to protect them from the corona virus,” he said.



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