Disappointed Amuriat Writes To Iteso – The Future Will Judge You Harshly

By John Ogulei




Forum for Democratic Change Presidential Candidate, Patrick Amuriat Oboi has written an emotional letter to Teso leaders whom he has accused of fighting him.



Amuriat failed to defeat the ruling National Resistance Movement party candidate Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in Teso. Just like any politician, Amuriat would have loved to get many votes in his home area.



In his message, Amuriat says, although he did not perform as well as he expected in Teso with an imposed outcome, he felt satisfied that he presented himself as a presidential candidate.


“It is anybody’s right not to support me. To those Teso leaders who spent a lot of energy fighting me using falsehoods, intimidation and money, this was negative energy because my mission is still on course even without an election.” Amuriat wrote.


POA as he is popularly known in FDC circles had no kind words especially to some leaders in Teso who spent a lot of their energies and time to fight his candidature.


“You can now fight me in other ways without causing harm to the Iteso. I wish you well as you continue to serve the worst oppressor of your own people, in exchange for your personal interests and comfort. Posterity will judge you harshly,” penned Amuriat.


Amuriat while commending the people of Teso conveyed his deepest thanks to those who supported him during his Presidential bid.


“Obviously almost all that happened with my effort is well documented and publicized in different forms and yet I will at a later date bring out some of the salient issues associated with what I did go through,” Amuriat revealed.


On the general election, Amuriat said;

“This was never a Presidential election and those who organized it ought to be ashamed of what they did.  To the young ones with political interest I encourage you but be aware our politics has now been overrun by selfish individuals, is highly militarized and commercialized.”








Meanwhile the FDC Party President came very close to revealing how he nearly lost his life in Western Uganda.


“For now I am happy to still be alive because something really very serious and life threatening did happen while we traversed the West of our country. Despite this, my struggle to free our nation is very much alive and in a few days I together with other comrades will be embarking on our next course of action,” Amuriat said.

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