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EXCLUSIVE! MP’s Grandmother Aged 110 years Tips Youths on Long Life


By Emma Kubula




A 110 year old grandmother to Namutumba’s Woman District Member of Parliament, Mariam Naigaga has revealed why she has been able to live for long.

Namutumba district Woman MP, Mariam Naigaga is Sulaina’s grand daughter

Speaking to this reporter on 21st January, 2021 at her ancestral home in Bugobi Town council, in Busiki County – Namutumba District, Sulaina Bwali challenged Ugandan youths to stop reckless behaviour in order to raise their life spans.


Sulaina recalled how during their childhood days, they used to interact with their elders and parents with lots of respect and obedience, which is the opposite with the youths today.


Sulaina reveals that failure to listen elders exposes the youths to danger.


She also emphasized the fact that poor eating habits of today have greatly affected today’s human health.


The mother of two, explained that unlike today where people eat junk foods full of oils and fats, they used to eat local and natural foods, plus fruits.


She revealed that there were specific trees with herbal substances that they used for brushing their teeth. The most common one is what she referred to as ‘Busekerandaggala” tree. Sulaina attributes the good health of her teeth to these tree species.


Looking closely at the Octogenarian, this reporter realized that she only lost two premolars leaving the rest intact and healthy. Sulaina is proud to assert that even at her age, she can effectively compete and beat many youths in chewing meat.



Sulaina also reveals that whereas malaria and flu were rampant at their time, they treated the two diseases using steamed leaves from different plant species. They would then cover themselves with the steamed leaves or bathe with the steamed water.


Back to her private life, she said she got married to the late Muhammad Kalange with whom they had two children, a boy and a girl. She added that she is proud of seeing her grand and great grandchildren, including Mariam Naigaga, the current woman member of Parliament for Namutumba District.


Sulaina urged the youths to always trust in the Lord and respect their elders, as a weapon for their success.


She also echoed the need for today’s youth to allow parents to choose for them marriage partners if they are have meaningful and long lasting marriages.


“Searching for men and women for marriage was a duty of our parents, where elders from different families came up and agreed,” she said.


She couldn’t hold back her appreciation to the King (Kyabazinga) of Busoga of that time, Kadubumla Gabula who advised Kabaka Mutesa of Buganda, to wisely hold a shield and fight to secure the country from the hands of the whites.


She recalls one of her happiest moments as being “that time when she met Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain, on her visit to Uganda for the very first time.” The Queen was giving them food handouts (soya beans) because at the time Busoga region was suffering from famine.

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