Museveni Postpones Re-opening of All Classes To At least May


By Steven Enatu




President Museveni has advised schools to wait for another three months before they can reopen to allow students resume full studies.


The President’s message was carried in yesterday’s 27th January 2021 circular from the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE), in which it advised schools to proceed with online classes until a decision is made from the president.


“The President has guided that all Higher Education Institutions should continue studying online for at least another 3 months. This is so as to enable government find a lasting solution,” a statement from NCHE reads in part.


NCHE emphasized the directive that no schools should be opened as yet until a decision is made.


In Teso, a simple survey carried by this website indicated that parents are wary of the continued stay of their children at home.


Judith Apio, one of the parents who hails from Pamba Ward in Western Division, Soroti City said government should help them and open schools as the vaccine is being waited for because children have become unruly at home.


“I have tried buying all the necessary booklets for my daughter but she has turned more playful and prefers watching cartoons to reading, I am worried by the time schools reopen, she will be very dull in class,” Apio said.


Esther Alobo, a parent from Agoro, Soroti City West said that children are no longer safe at home adding that many are now joining bad peer groups and engaging in dubious acts that may ruin their future.


“This time that children have been home, many wrong things have happened to them, girls have conceived at tender age. Personally my child got burnt with petrol as a result of wrong peer groups and staying out of school,” she said.


Meanwhile one Andrew Apedu, the Local Council Two chairperson Kengere Ward in Soroti City East said before considering full reopening of schools, government should guarantee the safety of children at schools.


“As parents we want children to be at school, many are getting spoilt even the girl child is conceiving but the most important thing is a guarantee from Government of their safety first” Apedu said.

On the other hand Veronica Nyachwo the head teacher Akaikai Primary school in Soroti argues that government would consider providing all the necessary requirements to prevent the pandemic spread and allow normal school resumption.


“Many parents are seriously complaining about children’s character at home, some say a child after he or she has finished with home chores, it’s hard for parents to regulate their movement, children say after all I have washed plates, am done with cooking etc..” she said.


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