SURVIVOR! Court Dismisses Application Challenging Minister Namuganza Victory

By Solomon Hamala





Court in Iganga has dismissed an application filed by Minister Percis Namuganza’s rival for a vote recount in Bukono County.


Emmanuel Maganda, through his Lawyers Luganda and Company Advocates led by Counsel Luganda Alex penned an application seeking for a vote recount in 9 polling stations, on grounds of vote rigging.


Court however presided over by Chief Justice, Agweru Catherine yesterday 27th January 2021dismissed Maganda’s application deeming it baseless, incompetent and not disclosing any ground for a vote recount.


Namuganza who after the court ruling was smiling from ear to ear like a proverbial dog addressed the press and fired shots at Maganda.


“Maganda should get work to do and keep himself busy. He was rejected by the people of Bukono for his unbecoming behavior. He and his camp badly beat up my people that did not support them in the primaries for which he was even incarcerated,” Namuganza said.


She also turned her guns on Counsel Luganda of Luganda and Company Advocates accusing him of dragging down Busoga by covering wrong doers.


“He is being used by politicians for criminal cases. Luganda should choose to either remain a Lawyer or join politics instead of masquerading as a lawyer yet he is not! The kingdom (Busoga) shall not allow this,” she said.


Luganda however also fired back when he said that this is his job and he works for any client who reaches his office.


“If Namuganza also wants my services, let her come to my office and pay me the much i want, i will work for her. She however can’t dictate who i can and cannot work for. Not even the kingdom has that monopoly,” Luganda said.





Maganda was Namuganza’s rival in the recently concluded elections for Bukono County parliamentary seat.


Maganda who also closely contested Namuganza in the NRM primaries also said he was not contented with the manner in which the votes were tallied.


“Majority of my campaigners and polling agents were picked from polling stations and thrown behind bars. Votes were tallied in their absences and we could not trust the outcomes,”  Maganda said adding that all this was engineered by Namuganza.



He however conceded defeat and asked Namuganza to work for the betterment of Bukono.


“I accept the court ruling and I’m taking no further step. I shall watch Namuganza for these 5 years closely. If she does better, i won’t even rival her come 2026,” he said.


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