NOT YET UHURU! Namayingo District Chairperson Contender Petitions High Court


By Solomon Hamala




The battle for the Namayingo district chairperson throne seems not to end soon as former rival to the Chairman elect has vowed to petition the high court for a vote recount.


Elyasa Muluga who was also the NRM flag bearer in the race vowed to further take on his former rival, elect Sanya Ronald, following a failed application for a vote recount.


Muluga’s application for a vote recount was dismissed by Chief Justice Catherine Agweru at Iganga court on 29th January 2021.


In the application, Muluga alleged that the Sanya and camp stuffed pre-ticked ballot papers in favor of Sanya in the boxes.


“The number of total ballots cast is far more than the number of actual voters who voted through the biometric voter verification system,” part of the application said as presented by his lawyer and he asked for a recount by the biometric systems.


He also noted that some of his polling agents were chased away from some polling stations during the vote counting.

“These watched from a distance and watched all the irregularities go on,” Sanya claims.


Catherine Agweru however dismissed their submissions with costs arguing that issues raised did not add up to circumstances that call for a recount.



Muluga has however disagreed with the Chief Magistrate’s ruling vowing to file a petition against Sanya to high court.


Ronald Sanya talking to the press after the court session asked Muluga to rest his insatiable appetite for power.


“He wanted to drag us into war right from the primaries but we ignored. And he’s trying to do the same even for the general elections. He was third and he has the guts to come court!” Sanya wondered.

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