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REVEALED: M7’s ONC Co-coordinator Played Pivotal Role In NRM’s Teso Victory

By John Ogulei




President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is among a few lucky Ugandans after he won a sixth successful term as President of the Republic of Uganda extending his tenure in office to 40 years.


President Museveni not only won a re-election but also beat the country’s biggest opposition Political Party, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party in Teso.


Museveni’s Teso win this time round has left many political pundits scratching their heads because, FDC’s Presidential flag bearer, Patrick Amuriat Oboi is a born of the region.



Whereas hundreds of President Museveni’s right hand men in Teso are celebrating the President’s success in the region, our reporter has exclusively learnt that this victory was secured early in 2017.


In 2017, the President opened the Office of the National Chairman based in Kyambogo to coordinate his 2021 bid parallel to the NRM party activities.


The reporter has reliably learnt that President Museveni after his 2016 victory through the youth established the Office of the National Chairman headed by Milly Babalanda.


The office majorly attracted the youth who massively mobilized for President Museveni and helped in securing his vote in various parts of the Country.


According to the exclusive data that has been seen by this reporter, at least five volunteer members were picked from each village countrywide; two per parish, one for the sub County and one for the district.


Teso Zone was coordinated by President Museveni’s energetic boy, Dan Mulalu who is also President Museveni’s Private Secretary of Mobilization and Political Affairs in charge of Teso and Karamoja Sub region.


His mobilization tricks saw Museveni become victorious in Teso to the extent of defeating FDC’s Amuriat in his own Parish of Ajuket in Kanyum Sub County in Kumi District.


While speaking to our reporter in Soroti City, Dan Mulalu who coordinates the activities of the ONC in Teso revealed that the ONC  decided to lie low because most leaders in Teso have assumed to have done more than what the coordinators of ONC did.


“I established a village to village approach and it worked in Teso mostly in Kumi where we had to put all our emphasis to secure victory for His Excellency. We had to spread the yellow Gospel and asked voters not to be violent or look at other political opponents as rivals but rather co-exist and it worked. We managed to convince Opposition members everywhere and they agreed to vote for the President,” Mulalu revealed.


Mulalu also revealed to this website that despite the challenges they encountered as a team from the ONC, they managed to work closely with the Security and went out to the whole region where they managed to talk to the elderly who bought the idea of continued co-existence with President Museveni.


Willy Bisanga, the Soroti City ONC Coordinator also told this reporter that, “Whereas we are aware that President Museveni is aging, we told the voters to vote for President Museveni and am happy they heeded to our advice. Am now appealing to the President to give some of these cadres jobs because they did a great job.”

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