DEFIANT! Ungazzetted Masaba Cultural Leader Appoints New Cabinet


By Wetondo Denis Julius




John Amuramu Wagabyalile, one of those claiming to be the rightful Umkhuka has gone ahead to appoint a cabinet even when government has not recognized him.


Wagabyalile was elected on 11th /01/2021 by clan leaders at Masaba cultural institution offices located at Malukhu in Mbale city to replace the late Bob Mushikori.


His election followed an earlier election and subsequent installation of Mike Mudoma.


Speaking to hundreds of mourners Peace Regis Mutuuzo, the Minister of State for Gender and Culture on Saturday at St Andrews Cathedral Mbale during the holy mass for the late Bob Mushikori, denied allegations that government had gazetted John Amulamu Wagabyalile as the newly elected Masaba cultural leader [Umukuka].


However, a seemingly defiant Wagabyalile has named Geoffrey Wilson Wepondi as prime minister.


The new cabinet list was announced by Erick Mukhwana, the Public Relation Officer of Masaba Cultural Institution while speaking to an extra general assembly yesterday 1st February 2021 at Masaba cultural institution offices located at Malukhu in Mbale city.


According to Mukhwana, those appointed are; Geoffrey Wilson Wepondi as prime minister, Omar Njofu as prime minister for Bamasaba of Kenya.


Others but not yet assigned positions are Rose Nalima, Erick Mukhwana, Jane Bara Magombe, Tom Mayeku, Sarah Maswere, Sera Musoso Barasa, Alice Wafula, Wamalwa Agustine, Jackson Magombe, Jane Wakikona and Perez Matanda.


Mukhwana added that those members appointed but still serving in the current cabinet will continue working in their respective positions until the approval by the Cultural Council in the next sitting.


Wagabyalile urged the appointed members to work together and desist from divisions such that they can develop Masaba land.


Geoffrey Wepondi, the new appointed prime minster expressed his happiness with the appointment saying he is ready to work hard and uplift Masaba.


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