STALEMATE! Scientists Disagree With Educationists On Schools Re-Opening


By Our Reporters



The Monday 1st January 2021 Cabinet meeting intended to handle the full school reopening in Uganda reached a deadlock after Scientists disagreed with Educationists.


Sources who are privy to what transpired in the Cabinet meeting revealed that whereas Educationists (Ministry of Education officials and Education technocrats) argued for a complete re-opening of schools, the scientists thought otherwise.


The scientists under the National Covid-19 Taskforce said it was risky at the moment and appealed to the Ministry of Education officials that they should wait until the learners are vaccinated.


Consequently, the burden was passed onto President Museveni who will on Wednesday officially announce when or whether schools should fully or partially reopen for more classes in addition to the candidates.


However, most Educationists who are keen to see schools reopen are worried that President Museveni will side with the Scientists.


Earlier on 27th January 2021, President Museveni in circular issued through the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) advised schools to proceed with online classes for at least another 3 months.


The NCHE circular indicated that schools would reopen in or about May of this year.


Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health earlier said they expect the first batch of vaccine between May and June.


Education statistics show that more than 15 million learners were sent home in March last year following the corona virus outbreak.


Candidate classes have since been allowed to report back and the date of the other classes remains unclear until tomorrow when the President announces government plan.


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