Mbale City Traders Granted One Year Tax Holiday


By Wetondo Denis Julius




Traders operating shops along Naboa and Cathedral Avenue roads in Mbale City have been given a one year tax holiday.



This was revealed by James Kutosi the Mbale city spokesperson during the official kick off exercise of the two road constructions.


The roads are being reconstructed under the Uganda Support to Municipality Infrastructure Development (USMID) program with 10 billion shillings as a loan from World Bank.


According to Kutosi, the city authority came up with the decision because in the period of this one year of the roads’ constructions, traders operating from there will not be getting enough customers.


He said it would therefore be unfair to collect trading licences and ground rent.


He urged traders operating from the two roads to vacate the place to other safer places temporarily if they can. He also urged people from Mbale city to embrace the project such that they can have a clean town when the construction works are done.



Muhamed Gudoyi one of the traders along Naboa road expressed his happiness with the pronouncement saying that they have hope that after completion of road construction, the town will look nice.


However, some of the street vendors operating along Cathedral Avenue say that during the road constructions, they are going to be affected negatively urging Mbale city to allocate them a safe place where to operate from.


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