Rival Umkhuka Faction Petitions Gov’t Over Its Recognition

By Wetondo Denis Julius




The John Amulamu Wagabyalile Umkhuka faction has written to the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development informing them that Wagabyalile is the official Bamasaaba cultural leader.


The letter follows a statement made by Peace Regis Mutuuzo, the Minister of State for Gender and Culture on Saturday at St Andrews Cathedral Mbale during the holy mass for the late Bob Mushikori, who was also the outgoing Umkhuka.


Mutuuzo said that government has not yet gazzetted any of the two rivals for the position of Umkhuka. She also advised the current Prime Minister of the Cultural Institution to care-take until government sorts out the impasse between the Mike Mudoma and Wegabyalile factions.




The speaker of Masaba cultural institution said during the cultural council assembly meeting held on Monday, the Minister was misled by the faction of purported Umukuka , Jude Mike Mudoma.


He told this website that they have appointed three Masaaba cultural institution executive members; Matthias Nabuteri the Deputy Prime Minister, Geoffrey Wepondi general sectary and Philip Mukhembo the Attorney General to take and follow up the petition with the Gender Ministry.


Erick Mukhwana, the Public Relations Officer of Masaba cultural institution also says that the three executive members are going with a document written by clan leaders in the Monday’s cultural council assembly meeting having resolutions and signatures of them affirming Wagabyalila as their only cultural leader.


However, Mike Mudoma the rival Umkhuka when contacted said election of Wagabyalile was done outside the law because the five year term of all delegates who elected him had expired.


He says that their petition will not change anything because the Minister is well aware of the law.

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