UMKHUKA FIASCO! Amulamu Faction Shuns Reconciliatory Meeting, Gives 3 Reasons


By Wetondo Denis Julius




John Wagabyalila Amulamu one those claiming to be rightful Umkhuka III shunned a reconciliatory meeting called by the Sironko LCV Chairman, Herbert Mulekhwa.


The meeting which took place yesterday 5th February, 2021 at Sironko district headquarters was meant to reconcile the two claimants to the Ukmhuka throne. The other claimant is Mike Jude Mudoma who attended.


Last week the Minister of State for Cultre, Peace Mutuuzo asked Bamasaba to sit and come up with one legitimate cultural leader out of two John Wagabyalila and Mike Mudoma such that government can gazette him to succeed the late Mushikori.


The Minister’s statement followed the current fights and confusion between the two factions with each claiming to be the legitimate Umkhuka III.


While speaking to clan leaders, RDCs, LCVs, and Chief administrative officers from the six districts of Mbale, Bududa, Namisindwa, Manafwa, Bulambuli and Sironko Mulekwa said the purpose of the meeting was to hear from the two sides.


He explained that hearing from the two camps would help them as elders to prove the genuine one such that his name is sent to the ministry as directed by minister Mutuzo for gazetting.


He adds that they were disappointed with Wagabyalila side for failing to turn up for the meeting which has indicated a bad image.


Richard Wambende, the Publicity Secretary at Masaba cultural institution says that they have resolved that Mike Mudoma is the legitimate elected new Cultural Leader [Umukuka] since Wangabyalila was elected illegally by clan leaders whose five years term of office had expired.


He adds that they are going to present those resolutions to the Ministry of Gender and Social Development to gazette Mudoma and start executing his administrative duties rather than continuing with confusion and fights.


Mike Mudoma, says that Wagabyalila knows that he was elected illegally and he is just trying to confuse Bamasaba, that is why he did not turn up.


However, Geoffrey Wepondi, the general sectary of Masaba the cultural institution from the faction of Wagabyalile says shunning the meeting was deliberate because it was illegal.


He also argues that the meeting of the cultural institution was not supposed to be held at the district head offices but at a cultural institution offices located at Malukhu in Mbale city.


“LCV chairperson has no rights to summon a cultural meeting according to the law,” Wepondi said.



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