Thank you Sir, Thank you Mr. President – MP Nambooze Salutes Bobi Wine

By Markson Omagor


The Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament does not only see Robert Kyagulanyi as her Party President but she actually adores him.


In a tweet yesterday, Nambooze who thanked Bobi Wine for the massive gains the opposition has made in Mukono district, not only called Bobi Wine ‘My President’ but ‘Sir’ as well.


Hon. Nambooze to @HEBobiwine

: “Mr. President, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have forgiven Hon. Bakaluba. That unity you brokered, saw for the first time, the entire mukono district is under opposition and no single NRM MP or Councillor. Thank you Sir.”


Nambooze was also thanking Bobi Wine for brokering peace between her and longtime opponent, Hon. Bakaluba.


Bakaluba Peter Mukasa has been a longtime political nemesis of Nambooze. The bitter relationship between the two started in 2006 after court annulled Bakaluba’s victory as MP Mukono Municipality consequently paving way for Nambooze to go to Parliament.


In the LCV and Mayoral elections, Rev Dr. Peter Bakaluba Mukasa contested for Mukono LCV Chairperson winning the seat by beating NRM party candidate Hajji Harunah Ssemakula.


Bakaluba Mukasa was declared the winner with 73,815 votes against Ssemakula’s 25,202 votes.


Mr. Erisa Nkoyoyo Mukasa (NUP) also won the mayoral seat with 18,088 votes, beating NRM’s Daisy Ssonko who got 5,126 votes.

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