20 Community Champions To Raise HIV Awareness In Mbale City


By Nakanwagi Olivier Mukaaya  




Mbale district and its implementing partners involved in the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS are to use services of highly regarded persons in the communities in the fight against the disease.


Richard Ogalum, the Regional Coordinator Communication for Health Communities revealed to this website that the district currently has 120 persons who will be referred to as community champions.


These 120 champions were recruited from areas regarded as hot spots for HIV/AIDs pandemic.


Ogalum explained that Community Champions will be involved in community mobilization as well as alerting health officials of new emerging issues with regards to the fight against HIV and other general health issues.


He elaborated that community champions are people highly regarded by others in their areas and are a good example to others.


Sarah Khainza, one of the Community champions in Namakwekwe area says since she received the training, she felt courageous to speak to fellow community members on various health topics.


She feels happy when she gets out of her busy schedule to speak to people concerning health issues that can change their life forever.

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