Re-Open All Classes or Risk Losing a Generation- Secondary School Head teachers

By Cuthbert Otim




Uganda secondary schools Head teachers have warned that if government does not reopen all classes, the country risks losing a generation.


This warning was sounded yesterday 9th February 2021 by the Chairperson of Uganda Secondary Schools Association who also doubles as the head teacher Soroti Senior Secondary School, Martin Okiria Obore.


Okiria told this website that government should consider reopening all classes by April instead of the staggered approach.


During his address recently, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni told the nation that he has been guided by the Ministry of Health Experts to reopen schools in phases.


Okiria Obore argued that whereas there are some worries about the safety of learners, school was the safest place for them.


Okiria who spoke to this website in an exclusive interview at his office in Soroti Secondary School said if this approach is not adopted, Uganda is bound to lose a generation.


He revealed that the only challenging scenario is with day schools where there is difficulty in controlling the spread of the deadly pandemic covid19 because students keep mixing with members of the public.


Okiria further outlined erection of tents and students studying under trees as alternative classrooms for schools with higher populations asking school heads to be innovative in defeating the pandemic


He further explained that the 250 students that were diagnosed with COVID-19 didn’t contract it from school but from outside school.


The 250 were from Central Uganda and no such case was reported in upcountry regions of Uganda.


When asked whether his school was ready to receive semi candidates as scheduled for March 1st by the ministry of education, Okiria said they were ready to receive them.


“We are prepared for the job ahead of their coming although some schools are stressed with overhead expenses in terms of trying to put things right as per the observation of the guidelines of the standard operative procedures SOPs in regards to the ministry of health guidelines, Okiria said.


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