MP Elect Assault Case Resurrected After Three Years, Hearing Adjourned


By John Ogulei




The Kumi Grade One Magistrate Court has today 11th February 2021 adjourned a hearing of an assault case against the Soroti City West MP Elect, Jonathan Ebwalu.


Ebwalu was dragged to court in 2017 after he was arrested at Soroti Public Gardens and up to date the four cases against him have not yet been heard or ruled.


The four cases include three assault cases where he is alleged to have assaulted three people and damaged window glasses of the complainants.


The complainants include; one Patrick Etiru, Asio Gorreti and Geoffrey Ebitu who Ebwalu is accused of assaulting on the 09th/April/2017 and one of malicious damage where he is being accused of damaging window glasses of one Samuel Musana.


It’s alleged that Ebwalu on the fateful day assaulted the trio and damaged the windows glasses of Musana at their ancestral home in Oderai.


John Ochopa, the Kumi State Attorney while giving his submission asked court to grant the state time to examine the file.


The case was opened at Soroti Magistrate Court in 2017 but this hearing has been transferred to Kumi Magistrate court for the reasons this website cannot authoritatively ascertain.


However, the Kumi Magistrate, His Worship Pirimba Emmanuel did not object to his request and adjourned the hearing of the matter to 12th March 2021.


But while speaking to this reporter outside court premises, Mr. Ebwalu denied the allegations.


He added that the case put against him is a pure witch-hunt by his political nemesis revealing that he has no case to answer and that he did not assault nor damage any person’s property.


He wondered as to why the court took all that time to hear the case and now when he has been duly elected as Member of Parliament Soroti City West this case has re-emerged.


“My brother, this one is purely a political war against me. I didn’t assault nor damage any person’s property, my hands are clean. I will win this case,” said Ebwalu.


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