Police Officer Arrested For Shooting Dead Boda Boda Cyclist

By Wetondo Denis Julius




Police in Mbale has arrested one of their own for shooting dead a boda boda cyclist for allegedly violating curfew rules.


Francis Kissa attached to Mbale central police station shot Sowedi Wambi aged 48 in the stomach at Namakwekwe on Sunday night 7th February 2021 during a night patrol.


The police later delivered the same Sowedi to Mbale Regional Referral Hospital where he unfortunately died from.


According to Rogers Taitika, the police spokesperson at Elgon region, Kissa shot Sowedi suspecting him to be a thief.


He revealed to this website that Kissa had been on the run but was yesterday 10th February discovered and arrested and is currently being detained at Mbale central police station as investigation are going on.


However, Ayubu Fozi and Shakuru Kutosi both boda boda cyclists operating at Namakwekwe boda boda stage, Northern City Division in Mbale City also eye witnesses to the shooting disagreed with police information that Wambi was a suspected thief.


They add that Wambi was shot by a police officer on patrol vehicle at 3.00am on Sunday night when he was parking his motorcycle on the Namakwekwe stage after accusing them of operating beyond curfew time. The duo claims they managed to escape from being arrested by police at that time but their motorcycles were impounded.


The eye witnesses also say that Wambi was taken to Mbale regional referral hospital by very police officers using their patrol vehicle where he died from.

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