Anti Museveni Posters Flood Iganga, Police On Move To Track Perpetrators

By Solomon Hamala



RDC Iganga, Matende Thomas

Police in Iganga are investigating “goons” who have circulated posters demeaning and degrading President Museveni.


The posters were circulated all over Iganga town, something that has raised the attention of the authorities.


The posters portray Museveni as a dictator, whose government has also over stayed in power, for 35 years.


The posters also pin Museveni’s government for kidnapping Ugandans who are against the regime.


“Enough is Enough”, part of the message on the circulated posters reads.


The RDC Iganga, Matende Thomas noted that an independent team has been tasked to trace the source of the posters.


“We have information of those posters and shortly, we shall find whoever is behind them. These are people whose aim is to incite Ugandans into violence. We shall however not allow this and whoever shall be found victim shall face the consequences,” Matende said.


The RPC Busoga East, Katungwesi Anatoli noted that investigations are on to trace the source and the aim of such posters.


“We are sure that these are people against Uganda’s peace and stability,” RPC told this website.


Meanwhile, Katungwesi also cleared on the missing people in Namasoga, Mayuge district.

This followed kidnaps of more than 15 people, who are said to have been whisked away in drones.


“It’s the police that has arrested those people. We have these 15 in our custody. These are helping us investigate the rampant murders of petrol truck drivers and theft of their petrol. We have used the drones to easily capture them,” he said.

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