COVID- 19: Famous Teso Sec. School Will Not Admit Students with Health Complications

By Otim Cuthbert-De-Emmanuel



The dilapidated Main Hall at Ngora High School

One of the famous Teso Secondary Schools will not be taking in students with a history of health complications such as asthma and sickle cell.


This was revealed to this reporter by Elifas Opolot Ewalu, the Head teacher, Ngora high School yesterday 11th February, 2021 at his office in the School compound.


Opolot who was responding to our queries about their readiness to receive students back said it was unfortunate but the school was not taking the risk to allow such students back.


Covid-19 virus is known to be deadlier on victims with underlying health problems. These underlying health problems according to scientists include; lung or heart diseases, renal failure, weak immune systems, diabetes and high blood pressure.


Opio Ewalu said they have put everything in place as far as the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are concerned, enough accommodation is ready.


“The school has been able to construct 20 roomed bathrooms for both girls and boys, construction of incinerator for girls, dormitory for the boys’ wing and a flat for the girls wing are all ready for use,” Opio said.



He stressed that as an institution they have to take the returning students through counseling and rehabilitation because they have spent more than a year out of the school environment.


Opio however decried the poor state of the 1914 structures constructed by Church Missionaries that are in dire need of renovation.


Opio who was recently transferred to Ngora high School said the old Main Hall with a capacity of 180 students that was constructed in 1914 is badly dilapidated with its celling no more.


He added that the seven teacher houses are also in a sorry state; the asbestos roofed structures are wanting and need to be renovated.

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