Garbage Crisis Hits Mbale City As Collection Trucks Breakdown


By Wetondo Denis Julius




Mbale city is currently facing challenges in terms collecting rubbish from different areas after most of its rubbish collection trucks broke down.


Mbale City has six government trucks for collecting rubbish from the two City Divisions of Northern and Industrial but only two are currently functioning creating a big challenge to the authorities.


Samuel Nadelege and Henry Watuwa both vendors operating at Mbale central market say that they have stayed for over a week with uncollected heap of rubbish dumped at the entry of the market.


They add that in the last three months, they have been hiring trucks privately to take away the accumulated rubbish but now vendors have refused to pay money.


As a result garbage has accumulated leaving them with no option but to ask Mbale city authorities to bring a truck and take away the rubbish.



Vendors also say that where rubbish has accumulated from is a busy place with ongoing businesses like food vending, sale of greens vegetables and fruits but the bad smell has scared away customers.


Robert Wambende, the Senior Assistant Town Clerk of Industrial City Division says the only two collect only two tons of rubbish out of 60 tons generated in the entire city every day.


He adds that this indicates that the remaining uncollected is littering the City.


Sezi Mafabi, the acting Mayor of Northern City Division told this website that the 5 five trucks were of help before the creation of a City which came along with more sub counties.


He urged the public to use private trucks if possible to make the town clean as they wait for new trucks soon to be procured.


Kenneth Khatuli, the Assistant Town Clerk of Mbale City confirmed that Mbale city has already budgeted to procure more new three brand trucks worthy 500 million shillings in this financial year 2020/2021 to help in covering the entire city urging locals to be calm.



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