How FDC’s Paul Wanyoto Was Framed By DPP Prosecutor On Money Laundering Case


By Markson Omagor




Paul Wanyoto (C) after winning FDC primaries for Northern City Division, Mbale City MP Seat

Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) parliamentary candidate for Northern City Division in Mbale City, Paul Wanyoto was maliciously framed by a DDP investigator, Justice Lawrence Gidudu has revealed.


Wanyoto was among six others charged and arraigned before Justice Gidudu of the Anti-Corruption Court for allegedly acquiring property arising from proceeds of crime under the Anti-money laundering laws.


Wanyoto then ran to the same court seeking court’s intervention arguing that he was maliciously added onto a charge sheet after a property sale deal went bad in which an investigating officer played the part of a broker.


Speaking to this website today, 15th February 15, 2021, Wanyoto confirmed that Justice Gidudu trashed the case reasoning that the charges were brought against him with intent to embarrass and extort money from him.


Wanyoto has now promised to write officially to the office of the DPP and Police to have the two investigators punished.


He is also threatening to ask for an audit into all the cases before the Anti-Corruption Court arguing that many could be fabricated.


“I also want an audit into the many cases before the Anti-Corruption Court because many could be as fabricated as mine. You know, not many people have the capacity to do what I was able to do,” Wanyoto said.


In his ruling of 10th February 2021, Justice Gidudu rapped the office of the Director of Prosecutions for manufacturing evidence against suspects for malicious reasons.


“This application has exposed the criminality that goes on behind the scenes before some people are charged in court.  The DPP has the discretion to decide on who to charge in court but malice or bad faith should never be part of that discretion,” Justice Gidudu scoffed at the DPP.


Justice Gidudu warned that the office of the DPP should be above petty machinations by its investigators and should be able to supervise them instead of being influenced by them.


Wanyoto had in his affidavit stated that he was approached by a police officer known as Hassan Mutyaba who introduced him to another officer, Sgt Joshua Oumo, who was an investigating officer in a certain case.


The two police officers told him that a suspect in their custody, Allan Kantu, was selling his land and wanted a quick buyer to solve his problems.


The core reason he wanted to quickly and cheaply sell his land was to bribe the investigating officer to release him on police bond.


Wanyoto went on to buy the land in question located in Busiro Block 312 at Kalambi at Shs40m.


But following his release on bond Kantu met Wanyoto and pleaded with him to return his land since he sold it cheaply because he was under duress because he was being tortured and wanted to regain his freedom by bribing the investigating officer.


Out of compassion, Wanyoto agreed to return Kantu’s land, which he (Kantu), in turn, sold at Shs120m and paid back his (Wanyoto) Shs40m.


However, his woes started when Sgt Oumo felt cheated in brokerage commission fees and kept on demanding more from Wanyoto.


This saw Sgt Oumo charge Wanyoto for allegedly acquiring property arising from proceeds of crime under the Anti-money laundering laws.


Sgt Ouma was recorded boasting of how he would maliciously add Wanyoto onto the charge sheet of six suspects who were separately facing several charges of obtaining money by false pretense, cheating, and money laundering. Kantu who had cheaply sold the land to Wanyoto was part of the six people on the charge sheet.


The six were charged out of claims that they defrauded one Ssuuna Dauda of Shs1.2b by false pretense.


According to court documents that this publication has seen, between April and July 2018 six people allegedly defrauded Ssuuna, a businessman of Shs1.2b which they obtained in various installments purporting to help one of the suspects get his Shs18.5b which was in dfcu bank but frozen by Bank of Uganda.


The Shs1.2b was to offer bribes to officials in the Bank of Uganda to unfreeze the said Shs18.5b claimed to be compensation from Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA).


“The audio was played in court. It runs for 26 minutes. It is a casual conversation between people familiar with each other. The subject of discussion is a strategy to fix the 1st applicant (Mr Wanyoto) by slapping charges against him to pay back for a deal gone bad. It revealed the underworld of some investigators in manufacturing evidence against people they disagree with,” Justice Gidudu held.


“There is strong evidence to prove that the charges against the 1st applicant (Mr Wanyoto) were slapped upon him in bad faith. I am satisfied that the 1st respondent (Sgt Ouma) has abused his mandate as an investigator to cause charges to be preferred against a buyer of the property where he was a broker,” Justice Gidudu concluded.

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