OLIVE BRANCH! MP Elect Ebwalu’s Tormentor Ready To Forgive, Forget


By John Ogulei



Soroti City West MP Elect, Jonathan Ebwalu.

One of the complainants in an assault case where the Soroti City West MP elect, Jonathan Ebwalu is being accused has said he is ready to forgive.


Speaking to this website this morning 15th February 15, 2021, Patrick Etiru said he only wants Ebwalu to apologize to him as a brother and he withdraws from the case.


Etiru who claims he was assaulted by Ebwalu on the 09th/April/2017 says whereas the case is in the courts of law, if Ebwalu apologizes to him, he will withdraw and also ask the other complainants to write additional statements.


“Today I bring you a message of hope, peace and reconciliation. As you are all aware that a lot of information has been aired out in the media and it’s in the same spirit that am here today to correct the narrative and put the record straight,” said the soft spoken Etiru.


“In the year 2017 I was attacked, beaten and left to die by the people known to me. I have been emotionally tortured, I have lost my home, property worth millions of shillings and I have been made a destitute in my own home. My dear brothers and sisters, I had earlier opted for dialogue with my perpetrators but all in vain. I only need Ebwalu to apologize to me and I will forgive him,” Added Etiru.


He further added that, “This is not a matter of money. I only need him to apologize.”


When this reporter further asked him why this matter took that long and came after Ebwalu won the MP race, Etiru said;


“I have no interest on his political career nor do I need to know what they do. The little I know about politics is when I see them on streets for you to say its politics then you are out of context, am clear to you, I want him to apologize and I will withdraw the case.”


Etiru who turned furious during the interview further told this reporter that he wasn’t interested in Ebwalu’s money but only an apology.

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