SAD! Abandoned Explosive Cuts Off Teenager Hands, Killing Him Instantly


By John Ogulei




Residents of Ojakayi village, Angerepo parish, Acowa Sub County in Kapelebyong district are still in shock after an abandoned grenade killed a 15 year old boy.


Akol Ben met his death yesterday Sunday 14th February 2021 at around 10:45 AM after the stick grenade exploded.


According to East Kyoga Police mouthpiece, David Ongom Mudong, three children were left home playing in the compound while their parents went for gardening. The trio then came across a metallic stick Grenade and started playing with it by hitting several times on a stone prompting it to explode.



Mudong added that the deceased died instantly after the explosive cut off both his hands and left side of the head.

He added that the other children didn’t sustain any injuries and when police detectives visited the scene, fragments were retrieved from the scene.


Mudong said police is still investigating the circumstances surrounding the death although some statements have been recorded.


By the time of filing this story, a postmortem had not yet been done.

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