Mbale City Authorities On Spot Over Delayed Market Vendor Executive Committee Elections



By Wetondo Denis Julius




Vendors operating in three markets at Mbale city have blamed city authorities for conniving with executive market top leaders to delay elections of new leaders.


The three markets are Mbale central, Bugwere road both at Industrial city division and Kumi road and Kikindu from Northern city division.


Peter Wamundu, a vendor from Bugwere road market says that the five year term of executive members from all three big mentioned markets expired last year in May but Mbale city Authorities have failed to conduct elections over unknown reasons.


He adds that whenever they want to organise elections to throw out the current leaders, Mbale city authorities postpone the elections with no reason.


Samuel Kitutu also a vendor from Mbale Central Market adds that it looks very undemocratic for Mbale city Authority to prevent them from exercising their democratic rights of electing new leaders they want yet the term of the current leaders ended last year.


However, Ayubu Madoyi, the Chairperson Mbale central market says none of the leaders has connived with Mbale city to delay elections as claimed.


He argues however that during their elections, vendors agreed not to conduct another election unless they see weaknesses or incompetence in the elected executive members. He added that vendors have not seen any weakness or incompetence on their part and therefore no need for elections.


“There are only a few vendors with selfish interests who are pushing for the elections with the aim of eating local revenue which am against but majority of the vendors are comfortable with the current leadership,” Madoyi said.


Meanwhile, James Kutosi, the Public Relations Officer of Mbale city said the postponement of the elections was because of the onset of Covid-19 pandemic and the recently concluded national general elections.


He adds that Mbale city is in the process of organizing elections in all three markets saying that currently they have started organizing nominations followed by elections.

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