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Stop Eating Cold Food – Expert urges Ugandans


By Emma Kubula




Dr. Muganyizi Emmanuel working with Consult Medical Clinic and Laboratory in Mbale City says eating cold food is unhealthy.


Speaking to our reporter in an exclusive interview from his office in Mbale City on 11th this month, he said that cold food eaten may affect the digestive system which may result into infectious diseases like dysentery and typhoid among others.


He advised Ugandans to always keep food covered, to prevent it from contamination by house flies and attraction of microorganisms.


“The concentration of the microorganisms may overwhelm the hydrochloric acid, and may fail to fight these organisms in the body,” he said.


According to Muganyizi, warm food is the best for consumption, saying that for some people having wounds in the mouth, warm food helps to kill viruses in there.


He asserts that some of these microorganisms don’t survive in a warm environment.


Dr. Muganyizi urges the public to be responsible and curious about sources of their food, the kind of water used, plates, and persons serving them, other than only minding about filling their stomachs.


He however, discouraged people from eating too hot food saying it burns the throat, mouth, oesophagus and the whole system which in the long run may cause cancer of the oesophagus, as it keeps on eroding.

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