You Denied Me Sex, Now You Have Taken My Children – Jilted Wife Asks RDC to Return Kids


By Solomon hamala




A 30 year old secondary teacher is seeking custody of her two children who were taken away from her by her former husband, Paul Kalikwani, the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Kalaki district.


Maria Nabirye, a teacher at Namugongo Seed Secondary School in Kaliro district said after developing a misunderstanding with her husband, they decided to separate. She accuses him of denying her sex besides failing to provide basic necessities to her children.


Nabirye said after failing to resolve the problem the two decided to part ways last year.


Speaking to this reporter yesterday, Nabirye said that early this year, Kalikwani who was in company of two people went to his home in Namukooge village and ordered Nabirye out of the house before throwing her belongings to the surrounding bushes.


Kalikwani reportedly drove away with two of their children aged 4 and 3 years after locking the house and deploying three policemen to guard the premises.


Nabirye reportedly was rushed to Namugongo health center 3 with multiple bruises all over her body as a result of the beating she sustained during the scuffle.


After being discharged from hospital, Nabirye went back to her home to pick some of her belongings but discovered most of them were missing.


Nabirye who could not hide her tears while speaking said she only wants her former husband to bring back her children since she suspects they could be suffering in the hands of someone else.


“I have a belief that my children are being harassed by my co wives,” she said.


Nabirye had earlier introduced Kalikwani to her parents in Luuka district in 2012 during a colorful ceremony.


The couple is blessed with three children with the youngest being 1 and a half years old.


A source at the child and family protection unit at Kaliro Central Police Station who preferred anonymity said they have on several occasions tried to resolve the dispute between the two but have failed to reach an agreement.


“It’s like both of them are not interested in reconciling and only want to separate,” the source said.


Efforts to seek a comment from Paul Kalikwani proved futile as he could not answer the numerous phone calls by press time.


The Police Spokesman Busoga North, Michael Kasada when contacted said he was not yet aware of the matter.

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