FDC Floors NUP for Soroti City Boda Boda Stage Chair Elections


By Cuthbert Otim




The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) candidate for the Boda Boda chairperson seat, Atooti stage in Soroti City has beaten his closest challenger of NUP.


The elections were held yesterday Thursday 18th February 2021 for the chairperson Atoti Boda boda stage located in Kichinjajji ward of Soroti City East.


The hotly contested position attracted 3 candidates, Ameger Stephen Anyalau of FDC, Steven Abau of the National Unity Platform NUP party and independent Rashid Otai.


Bob Rashid Okideny, the chairperson electoral body, declared Ameger Stephen Anyalau as a winner after polling 22 votes, followed by Steven Abau (NUP) who got 16 votes and then the independent Rashid Otai got 01 vote.


The jubilant Ameger after emerging winner emphasized that he will foster unity and development through lobbying for the good of the stage members, he called on those who lost to unite with him.


The call for unity was echoed by the losers as well.


Rashid Otai who scored 01 vote said the exercise was free and fair and called on his supporters to rally behind the one who won for the good of the stage.


He further challenged all politicians at all levels to emulate the spirit of democracy and asked them to always accept any outcome of any election.


Otai added that the power of leadership is through the will of the people and should be respected because that is the voice of the electorates and it must be cherished.


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