Angry Residents Mount ‘Operation Kill Stray Dogs’


By Justine Oteu 



A group of angry residents from Ariet and Kachinga villages in Agule Sub County, Palisa District have mounted an intensive operation to kill all stray dogs in their areas.


The operation that started yesterday 23rd February 24, 2021 was prompted by the destructive nature the dogs have taken; eating residents’ sheep, goats and poultry.


By press time four dogs had been killed the, LC1 Chairperson of Ariet village in Agule, Mr. Oonyu Eriya Enabi confirmed.


Oonyu who supports the operation says dog owners should tether their dogs in their homesteads instead of allowing them to roam freely. He also warned that any stray dog owner who will interfere with the operation will be dealt with accordingly.


He also revealed that residents refused to identify the stray dogs that were killed during yesterday’s mob patrol.


Crowds of over 200 stray dogs loiter the area and because of this the area is at risk of rabies outbreak.


Our reporter wasn’t able to reach the District Veterinary Officer for a comment.

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