Church Leaders Accuse Mike Mukula Of Not Honoring Promises


By Steven Enatu




Church leaders in Soroti City have accused the flamboyant NRM Regional Vice Chairman Eastern for not honoring pledges he makes.


The unexpected salvo was made by Robert Ecat, the chairperson fundraising committee, St Emmanuel Catholic Church in Nakatunya yesterday 23rd February 24, 2021.


Ecat made the revelation in a function where the former MP contestant for Soroti City West, Calvin Echodu fulfilled his pledge of Shs3M towards roofing of the Church. Echodu went ahead to fulfill his pledge even after the losing the election.


In his appreciation, Ecat praised Echodu saying he is much better than many Teso politicians who promise air.


“Echodu really has a kind heart, imagine even after losing an election he has still come back to honor his pledge, Mukula had promised 50 bags of cement but up to now we have not received anything,” Ecat said.


Meanwhile, Andrew Odongo, the Public Relation and Communication Specialist working for Echodu said Team Echodu is dedicated to fulfilling all their pledges and projects that were started during campaigns up to the end.


He said the Church pledge was made during campaigns when they participated in the fundraising organized by the church to mobilize resources for roofing.


“We are glad to hand over this three million pledge towards buying of one hundred iron sheets for roofing the church, we are very grateful to the leadership of the church for the patience and above all the faith in us that we would fulfill the pledge,” he said.


Echodu had contested in the NRM ticket with three other candidates for Soroti City West constituency but lost to Independent but FDC leaning Jonathan Ebwalu.


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