GBV! Tycoon Tortured by Wife, Children Celebrates ‘Family Torture’ Day Every March

By Solomon Hamala



Buyinza and renegade wife Naigaga Jenipher


A renowned business mogul in Kaliro Town council in Kaliro district has been tormented by his family to the extent that he now celebrates ‘Family Torture’ day every 2nd and 3rd of March.


Buyinza Wilberforce 56, also proprietor of MBK General Agencies Limited has suffered in the hands of his wife and children, who have also had him thrown behind bars.


Celebrating the “family torture day”, we found Buyinza at one of his shops clad in a “prisoner’s yellow uniform”, with prints “celebrating family torture.”


Buyinza, a husband to four narrated that woes with his first wife, Naigaga Jenipher are traced back to 2016, when he wanted to sell off some of his properties to clear a debt he had.


It is from then that Naigaga who didn’t want the indebted Buyinza to sell off any of his properties to clear the loan waged a family war against him.


“I had relatives, brothers and children I was taking care of at my place. She sent them all away,” Buyinza narrates adding that the climax of the misunderstanding came in 2020 when Naigaga and her sons sent him to jail.


“Getting Naigaga as my wife, she had 3 children from a failed marriage; Bitali Faridah, Frank Anatoli and Baigolo Rogers. After driving all my relatives away from my home, I also wanted those from her side, especially these 3 children to also leave my home too. I also informed the local authorities of my decision and what I was about to do,” yellow clad Buyinza narrates adding that the wife reacted by hurling insults and pelting him with stones.


Buyinza further notes that the wife (Naigaga) escalated the matters by reporting him to police where he was arrested for attempted murder and two other cases. He was later to be convicted and sentenced to either 9 years of jail or a fine of Shs900,000 in court.


“Her 3 children have poisoned the thinking of my other children. They now all think in the same line. They have connived with the mother to bring me down,” a teary Buyinza narrates adding that he did nothing wrong selling his property.


Among Buyinza’s children with Naigaga include Engineer Kasaja Joel 30, working with COMPLANT, and Mukama Jowet 22, Director of MBK Vocational Hub in Kaliro Town council. These two together with their mother Naigaga are said to have stood in court pinning Buyinza with the intent of imprisoning him.


Buyinza revealed further that they have a total of 5 children with Naigaga.


Court sentenced Buyinza to 9 years in jail. Naigaga and sons however withdrew the charges on condition of a non-intervention agreement. This was however after he had been remanded at Kaliro prisons for 6 days.


Buyinza notes that he has since abandoned the first wife’s home and family since they have tarnished his name that he took decades to establish.


“So I made up my mind to celebrate this “torture” especially on the dates I was in prison, 27th.02.2020 to 04th.03.2020. I wear this yellow because prison days are memories that shall never fade. It was my first time being jailed. And the prints, it is unbelievable all this is done by my own blood and flesh.” Buyinza mourned.

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