Man Drowns Running Away From Fisheries Protection Unit


By Solomon Hamala
Tragedy befell residents of Mukeri landing site Sigulu sub county Namayingo district when a 30 year old fisherman dived into Lake Victoria and drowned after sighting officials of the fisheries protection unit coming towards his direction.

The deceased, Ronald Mugeni who was moving on a small boat popularly known as Bawo Tatu dived into lake Victoria and drowned after seeing armed
officials of the fisheries protection unit approaching him.

According to the LC one chairman Mukeri landing site, Sande Ouma fellow fishermen who were at the landing site tried to rush to the scene in a bid to rescue him but their efforts were fruitless.

The fisheries protection unit after discovering that the deceased had dived  into  water simply moved away in a speed boat towards the direction of landing Matoolo site.

The body of the deceased was three hours later discovered a day later floating along the shores of lake Victoria at Mukeri landing site.

The deceased had wedded his long time girlfriend last weekend at St.
Philpis Catholic Church in Lugala landing site Banda sub county.

Peter Okumu the district speaker Namayingo, expressed concern over the manner in which fishermen are frequently tortured by officials of the Fisheries protection unit.

Okumu said four other people have drowned in separate incidents since the start of the year alone after diving into the water upon sighting members of the fisheries protection unit.

“Whenever they see armed officials of the fisheries protection unit they
just know that they are going to be tortured and the only option is jumping into the deep waters”he said.

He said they have on several occasions held meetings with top officials of the Fisheries protection unit but nothing seems to be done about the manner in which they are torturing fishermen.

The Member of Parliament elect Sigulu island constituency, Peter Okeyo promised to present the matter before the floor of parliament during his term in office.

Okeyo said majority of fishermen are dragged to secret locations before  being tortured besides losing their properties like boat engines  and other valuables.

The district police commander Namayingo,  Fred Tayebwa cautioned fishermen against taking rushy decisions like diving into water in case they sight officials of the fisheries protection unit personnel.

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