LC One Chairpersons Don’t Know How to Use New Stamps

 By Steven Enatu




The local council one and two Chairpersons in Teso and Karamoja have asked the Ministry of local government to organize a training for them on how to use the modern stamps that were commissioned yesterday 4th March 2021 by the state Minister for Local Government.

Simon Okure the local council two chairperson Senior Quarters in Soroti City raised the concern while welcoming the state Minister Hon. Jenipher Namuyangu who officiated at the launch for Teso and Karamoja Lacs at Soroti Mayor’s Garden.

According to Okure as local council two who has served for 25 years, it will be his first time to use the kind of stamp that has been brought for them now.

“The LC’s are going to receive these stamps but I would request that the accounting officers in the mother Teso and Karamoja organize for a training and guide us on how to use these modern stamps” He said.

He added that local council chairpersons have been working at a risk with ordinary stamps that could easily be forged.

Meanwhile Luke Lokuda the Chief Administrative Officer Soroti who doubles as the chairperson CAO’s Uganda said that Local council chairperson needs to be trained generally in their role by Local government with support from the Ministry.

He also asked the local council chairpersons to use the stamps purposefully not for oppressing people in their communities.

“Spread the gospel of using the stamp correctly, don’t use it for other issues that are not official in nature” He noted.

State Minister for Local government Hon. Jenipher Namuyangu said that the stamps were an initiative of the president that directed the ministry of local government to procure standardized stamps to all the leaders in the 70,000 villages in Uganda.

///////Minister Namuyangu on stamps

“We procured them using the BUBU policy that’s the Uganda Printing and Publication Corporation and they have been able to deliver all the stamps” she said.

Namuyangu noted that the stamps are self-inking with security features that cannot be forged and it cost the Ministry 3.9 Billion shillings.





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